Don't buy a used car
without a BlueStar!

Buying a used car can be risky. What if it has serious issues and requires expensive repairs? These worries can suck the fun out of buying a car.

Wouldn't it be great if you could eliminate the worries and focus
on the fun parts of buying a used car? BlueStar can make that happen with a 225+ point inspection!

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Real people. Real results.

Cole Pace

I had an amazing experience, the mechanic that did my inspection (Kyle) did a great job, knew his stuff, and was very thorough and honest with us. Would highly recommend this service!

Angela de Moura

I think BlueStar is an excellent resource for anyone looking to buy a car who isn't mechanically inclined and wants peace of mind before purchasing.

Preston Hodson

Cory did a great job and helped me feel a lot more comfortable and at ease about the car I was purchasing. I was hesitant to spend the money for a BlueStar inspection at first, but I'm glad I did!

Jake Willis

Solid, thorough, and fast. This helps empower buyers and gives them the knowledge needed to make a smart decision. I always get a BlueStar inspection before purchasing...highly recommend.

Briana Capps

The best auto service experience I've ever had! Keep up the amazing job.

Benjamin Hoke

Really good value. Ismael and crew thoroughly inspected all major components of the used car I was considering. They took their time going through the detailed report and made sure all of my questions and concerns were addressed, allowing me to make a much more informed decision about the car. Flexible scheduling and fast wifi. Seriously, I can't recommend BlueStar enough. Well done, guys.

Jay Ward

Fast, friendly, very thorough! Why has nobody ever thought of this sooner. A careful and objective assessment of our used car before we bought it. Great peace of mind. Thanks BlueStar!

Jared Yee

Really great experience with Cory helping me out and preinspecting before I saw the vehicle. That enabled me to concern myself only with if I wanted to purchase, comfortable with the mechanical condition in advance.

Steve Hale

BlueStar is the bomb! Sold a used car recently and referenced the BlueStar report several times. Gave me the facts I needed to stay firm on price and to give the buyer confidence enough to purchase. Highly recommend!

Transparency you can trust

Get the transparency and peace of mind you deserve. BlueStar can help you find pre-inspected
vehicles, inspect a vehicle you want to buy or sell, and protect yourself from costly repair bills.


  • Search for vehicles that have already been inspected by BlueStar
  • Check out the current condition reports
  • See the parts of the car you don't normally get to see
  • View the vehicle history reports


Search through our vehicles

Most listing sites are great for showing the nice looking pictures dealers want you to see. They list the vehicle specs and some even tell whether or not the price is fair. What they can’t tell you is whether or not the car is in good condition. They won’t show you pictures of the undercarriage. Is it really a good price? BlueStar can help you find out!


  • ASE-certified techs test drive and lift every vehicle they inspect
  • Each vehicle undergoes a 225+ point inspection
  • If the tech finds an issue, they document it with photos and a brief description
  • Current condition reports are publicly available online immediately after the inspection has been completed


Get A world-class Inspection

90% of used cars we inspect have issues. Vehicle history reports are not always accurate because not everything gets reported properly. Even if they were accurate, vehicle histories are not enough. You need to know the current condition of the car! The only way to do that is to get a thorough mechanical inspection. BlueStar can make that happen!


  • Day 1 coverage
  • Up to 7 years of top-quality coverage from a top-quality administrator
  • BlueStar's inspection report helps to ensure legitimate claims get paid
  • No component limits of liability
  • Plans with maintenance benefits available (eg. oil changes, brake pad and battery replacement, tire rotations, etc.)


Service protection offered

BlueStar’s current condition report can help you avoid buying a car with a pre-existing condition. But let’s face it - vehicles break down, and when they do, repairs can be quite costly. Engines, transmissions, fuel pumps, AC compressors, etc. can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Avoid the risk of a big repair bill with BlueStar’s Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection Plans.

Why you need an inspection

The lowest price on a car is not always the best deal. To offer a vehicle at a rock-bottom price and still
maximize profits, many dealers avoid making needed repairs. Here's what you need to know.

Buyer Beware

Most used cars are sold "As Is". This means you as the buyer are on the hook for any needed repairs.

Dealer Bias

Most dealers tell you they inspect and repair their cars. However, many do not recondition all worn or damaged items, and inspection standards vary greatly by dealership.


Warranties can be expensive and rarely cover "pre-existing conditions". Most maintenance and wear items are not covered either and those can add up. Make sure the car is in good condition BEFORE you buy.

Vehicle History

CarFax and AutoCheck DO NOT tell you if the car is in good condition or in need of repairs. They tell you the history, not the current condition.

Why Choose Us?


We are independent. We don't sell cars.
We don't sell repairs.


BlueStar ASE-certified techs test drive and lift every vehicle as part of the 225+ point inspection.


Current condition reports are publicly available online immediately after the inspection has been completed.

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